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  • Heavy Duty Tarps for Construction

    Heavy Duty Tarps for Construction, Agricultural, Industrial & Mining Applications

    When you work in an industry like agriculture, mining, or transport, you have to deal with intense environmental factors and…

    by Phil McEwen
  • Everything You Need to Know About Custom Tarps

    Everything You Need to Know About Custom Tarps

    A tarp is usually defined as a heavy-duty, waterproof piece of material but is that all it is? Is that…

    by Phil McEwen
  • Heavy Duty Tarps

    Why Investing in Quality Heavy Duty Tarps is the Way to Go!

    Whether you are looking for flat tarps, heavy duty tarps, machinery covers, or truck tarps – it’s important to know…

    by Phil McEwen
  • Truck Tarps

    Our Custom Tarp Process for Each Industry

    At Westarp, we have been designing and making custom tarpaulins in Western Australia for over 30 years. For us, the…

    by Phil McEwen

    Size Guide For Truck Tarps

    If you’re using your truck to carry bulk goods, you are legally required to properly cover the load you are…

    by Phil McEwen
  • roof tarps

    Tarpaulin vs Other Materials For Roof Covers

    Finding the best material to match your needs for a roof cover can be a tricky decision to make. You’ll…

    by Phil McEwen
  • Finding A Truck Tarp Suitable For You

    Finding A Truck Tarp Suitable For You

    Trucks are built to be durable and trustworthy. Every driver knows the feel of his or her vehicle and knows…

    by Phil McEwen
  • Industrial Tarpaulin Covers

    Different Types of Industrial Tarp Covers and Uses

    There is an array of different types of industrial tarp covers and uses for them. So, what is an industrial…

    by Phil McEwen
  • building and construction tarps

    What are the Different Uses of Building Tarps

    Building tarps are utilised exactly as their name says; during the building process. But how? What are they used for?…

    by Phil McEwen
  • livestock covers

    What are livestock covers?

    What are livestock covers? Well to put it plainly, tarp covers that go over your livestock. Not to be confused…

    by Phil McEwen