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Westarp consistently offers prompt service, accurate delivery times and quality products. They have knowledgeable staff always ready to help us out with our orders. Our long established relationship has been an easy one.
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Our vision is to remain a strong market leader by working closely with our clients ensuring that our products and services are the ultimate solution to the clients needs.

Westarp™ is an established family owned and operated company dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing innovative Textile solutions, and working closely with our sister companies and recognised brands under AWP Group being DomeShelterTM and A-Shade.

Since inception, our persistent commitment to provide tough, functional products and our dedication to customer service has achieved wide spread recognition.


Our Products

As all Westarp™ customers would know, there is no substitute for quality and experience. Our extensive field knowledge and experience enables us to create a solution to meet your needs.

Working with Westarp™

Client satisfaction is the hallmark of our manufacturing and global distribution capabilities. From your first enquiry until your solution is delivered, progress is fully transparent.

Shelter Tarps

Manufacturing Facilities

Based in Western Australia, Westarp™ services the business community with the most advanced weather protection available. Using state-of-the-art technology and skilled experienced people, Westarp™ leads the industry in manufacturing capabilities to global standards.


Servicing all areas. Each item is securely wrapped and ready for easy on-site installation, your product can be shipped to any recognised location.


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A Concept which has become the ‘norm’ in the transport sector. Westarp™ being among the original developers in the 80’s of a simple effective economical system.