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Westarp and shade structures
We have been dealing with Westarp for some time now. They have proven to be a valued supplier of choice for our roll tarps and trailer canvas guards on our grain trailer range. Some of the reasons we chose Westarp includes their value for money and great customer service. Plus when we have undergone a short notice repair job we have been able to rely on Westarp to provide the occasional quick turnaround job so we could keep our customers moving.
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William Snellex (Base Fabrication)

Westarp and shade structures

It’s no secret that Westarp has a long history of manufacturing roll tarps, but did you know that we also manufacture and supply shade sails and shade structures too?

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in designing, making and installing shade sails and shade structures. Our tough, functional products and dedicated commitment to customer service has achieved widespread recognition throughout Australia. With in-house manufacturing facilities for both steel fabrication and fabric conversion we have have been able to consistently supply high quality and flexible designs throughout Australia.

Designed and made in Western Australia to withstand tough Australian conditions, with a 98% UV block in our heavy-duty shade cloth and powder coated finish on all steel framework as well as a ten-year warranty. Our shades are delivered in kit form with comprehensive instructions for an easy install, or if you find that you need a little expertise for your install, our team has 20 years’ experience with installation and will gladly assist you in any way we can.

What can you expect from Westarp when you purchase a shade structure?

  1. Your site will be assessed by our most experienced staff
  2. We design in conjunction with you to achieve the most appropriate and functional shade for the area you require
  3. The design is checked by engineers to meet Australian standards, codes and criteria
  4. High grade material with a 10-year warranty
  5. High level of customer service

We are proud to say that we have manufactured and supplied a number of

  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Mine sites
  • Pools and
  • Playgrounds with shade sails and structures both within the metro and regional parts of Western Australia.

What are the range of shade designs we specialise in?

  1. A-series: This structure has heavy duty posts and a hip-shaped framework roof is a proven and reliable design.
  2. AR-series: This has a feature of rafters which allows the length of the hip structure to be extended in ‘bays’ by affixing more rafters. A hip structure with rafters will give greater shade coverage than one of similar size without rafters.
  3. B-series: By using a series of posts you can utilise this to maximize shade as well as an aesthetically pleasing design.
  4. BG-series: A unique cantilever structure designed for areas where multiple row columns are impractical, however maximum shade is needed.

If you want to know more and see what each structure looks like, check out our products page of shade sails and structures. We also provide sun-safe post covers for high volume areas. These post covers come in kits comprised of 8 individual covers that can be arranged to suit your height and width. The covers are:

  • UV rated and fire retardant
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • waterproof 60mm thick foam

Needless to say, we have you ‘covered’ when it comes to your shade needs. Give us a call at (08) 6607 7888 or email us at and let us help you find the perfect shade for your space.