Roll Tarp Kit




4100MM LONG X 3730MM WIDE = 4 X 4

5600MM LONG X 3730MM WIDE = 6 X 4 


Doing Roll Tarps The Right Way

It is a legal requirement for trucks carrying bulk goods to be covered, and often necessary for providing a total waterproof cover.

For ease of logistics, roll tarps are generally provided in kit form.

Even colour coordination has been taken into account with colours that match most brands or vehicles, including red, yellow, navy blue, white and black.

Durable Truck Tarp Fabric

5 Reasons Truck Tarps are normally made out of PVC

  1. Strong and Lightweight (Good mechanical strength and toughness)
  2. Easy to install (PVC can be easily cut to shape & welded)
  3. Durable (PVC is resistant to chemical rotting, shock and abrasion)
  4. Cost-Effective (Low maintenance and high lifespan)
  5. Good Insulator (PVC does not conduct electricity, reduces static shock)

Roll Tarp Systems – Components

A complete range of parts and components for a quality roll tarp system can be included.

Whether you’re adapting or replacing, you’ll find all you need to get you covered quickly and with reliability you can trust.

Grooves within the ‘Roll Pipe’ to ensure the fabric grips tightly when wound back.

High Wear and Tear

The roll tarps include reinforcement in the areas of high wear and tear with double thickness at actual wear points, and the handles are heavy duty steel so they don’t bend when wound back.

With 50mm wide webbing reinforcements front & rear of tarp

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