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The Ways Construction Tarps can be Utilised on a Work Site
We have been dealing with Westarp for some time now. They have proven to be a valued supplier of choice for our roll tarps and trailer canvas guards on our grain trailer range. Some of the reasons we chose Westarp includes their value for money and great customer service. Plus when we have undergone a short notice repair job we have been able to rely on Westarp to provide the occasional quick turnaround job so we could keep our customers moving.
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William Snellex (Base Fabrication)

The Ways Construction Tarps can be Utilised on a Work Site

Tarps are a multiuse tool. A friend to any good builder. On a construction site, they have many uses and can be utilised to protect equipment right up to tall buildings and open roofs. Typically a heavy duty kind, construction tarps are both flexible and water proof. Ideal against the elements.

construction tarps

For anyone who has seen a construction site; it is often seen to have materials stacked all around the place; equipment often left in the same state. A common issue construction workers run into with their equipment and materials left lying around is that it leaves them exposed to the moisture of the worked ground beneath the site. A handy aspect of having a heavy duty tarp is that it can protect the equipment and these materials from the damp earth. Utilised underneath each stack and or pile, the tarps water proofing prevents any moisture from seeping up and ruining both the equipment and materials all around site.

Another convenience presented by a heavy duty tarp is its resilience against the weather and aiding in the protection of people’s equipment and materials from above. A building is never built in a day; roofs typically put up after the walls. Due to this, the interior of buildings are left exposed to the weather from above, any rain able to get in and damage exposed wall beams or drying gyprock. To help prevent this, construction workers can draw a large tarp over the opening in the roof, forming a temporary roof and preventing any rain or moisture from getting in.

Due to the flexible uses of a tarp and the beauty of being able to get any size, workers often find them suitable to aid in gathering saw dust or off cuts. Placed under drop saws or similar, the tarps are able to catch any falling saw dust or off cuts of materials; typically fallen wood from cut support beams. This makes for a quicker clean up after and helps to protect the floor from any potential damage.

While protecting floors, heavy duty tarps are also used during the movement of furniture and heavy equipment. When needing to drag items across the floor, tarps come in handy as a buffer between the weight of the item being moved and the floor that needs to be protected from damage. This also becomes handy when moving furniture across freshly lain floorboards or tiles. When a worker is on the homestretch of a big construction, the last thing they want to do it damage the flooring and give themselves an extra week of work.

Overall, tarps prove that they are the perfect multiuse tool for any construction site and that they are ideal for protecting any workers equipment or materials; big or small.

The reasons to have a tarp on your truck

construction truck tarp

The beauty of a tarp is that it can be utilised in almost any industry in some form or another. With transport; especially when the load is fine like sand or loose like grain, a tarp is the perfect solution for keeping it safe during the trip.

Whilst on the move; truckies know they can come across all sorts of weather. The benefit of having a tarp allows for weather proofing as well as a water resistant seal around the bin, protecting the load within. The last thing you want is to be on the receiving end of the load and it comes out all ruined or part of it missing. Every driver wants the sense of accomplishment after a successful drop off or delivery.

The benefits of having a tarp isn’t just to protect your load but also to look stylish while doing it. Why drive around with a polished truck when your bin is less extravagant? Why not add a splash of colour and really go all out? Go bright yellow or a nice crisp navy! Drive those roads in style. The thing with most grain tippers or even sand drivers is that their bins are always dusty or looking dirty. No matter how many times they wash them, they are filthy by the end of the tarp. At least with the tarp you have the guarantee of a vibrant, UV protected colour that can help make up for the dingy state of the bin beneath it.

You also have the added benefit of having a large open piece of material for you to decorate however you see fit. You can add a picture here or there or have your company logo encompassing the whole thing. Show it with pride in a design that is sure to turn heads and be remembered well after the truck has turned down the next street and left the suburb.

Truck tarps are also extremely flexible in their uses and positioning. You can set them up to open up side to side or even front to back, they are not fussy. They also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so no matter the bin, its tarp soul mate is out there somewhere just waiting to be picked up.

Whilst the main focus of a truck tarp is to protect the load being transported; there is no harm in making the trip in style with a spunky looking tarp to fly behind the cabin like a cape.

What classifies as a Roof Tarp?

Tarps have multiple uses; the limit is your imagination. It is a piece of material that can be any size, you just need to choose. But for all those who were once those children who spent from sun up until sun down outside; building all sorts of forts and chasing your siblings with your ‘weapons’; sticks that were found lying on the ground, you know what its like to use your imagination.

We live in an advanced age where those children grew up to use their imagination and create wonders. Remember those old forts with the dingy blanket draped over a bent tree branch? The one that took you and your siblings all day to drag from the house while hoping mum doesn’t see? Well those kids went on to do the same in their adult hood. Someone picked up a piece of material and used it as a roof and now we have people from all over utilising those material tarps to do the same thing.

Made using a vast variety of fabric, you’ll see shade sails standing proud over children’s playgrounds, your local pool and even the Recreation Centre to help give those Lawn Ball games some shade. Roof tarps come in all shapes and forms ranging from your local schools Shade Sails to giant Dome Shelters on mine sites.

shade sails - roof tarps

Shades Sail are the most common form people would come across; these can be found standing over any schools play areas and even over company’s carparks all to provide some resistance from the harsh UV rays of the sun. These come in all sorts of shapes and colours providing any child a rainbow to run under.

Easily spotted at any water theme park or even over your local pool; shade sails can be found backing an excited swimmer as they slip down a water slide or providing them with a stretch of shade while they glide back and forth down the lane doing their laps.

For those who enjoy a nice picnic out at the park would find reprieve under a tarp canopy from the sun. Catching up with friends around the BBQ, families enjoy sitting in the shade provided by the roof tarp above their heads. The beauty of a tarp is that it can stretch and is made to suit any needs. With this in mind, people can easily pull one over their outdoor structure, creating a roof and providing cover for those underneath.

But the roof doesn’t always have to be flat, some people prefer arched. This is seen in the case of mine sites who have set up Dome Shelters as either sheds or workshops. Some even doubling as storage or parking for larger vehicles.

Roof tarps can be utilised over almost any structure or open area. People can thrive and children can play without any worry for the UV rays of the sun beaming down from above. So what classifies as a roof tarp? The limit is your imagination.