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Tarpaulin vs Other Materials For Roof Covers
We have been dealing with Westarp for some time now. They have proven to be a valued supplier of choice for our roll tarps and trailer canvas guards on our grain trailer range. Some of the reasons we chose Westarp includes their value for money and great customer service. Plus when we have undergone a short notice repair job we have been able to rely on Westarp to provide the occasional quick turnaround job so we could keep our customers moving.
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Tarpaulin vs Other Materials For Roof Covers

Finding the best material to match your needs for a roof cover can be a tricky decision to make. You’ll first need to think about what purpose you need the roof cover for and the type of environment that it needs to withstand. Tarpaulins are a popular choice for roof covers, but just how does it measure up against other materials such as canvas? The roof tarp experts at Westarp are here to clear up the confusion and make your next purchase of a roof tarp simple and effective. 


Roof Tarp Benefits 

Roof tarps are often referred to as flat tarps and can come in a number of different weights, from light to heavy-duty. The main thing that you’re wanting to get out of a roof tarp is to make sure something isn’t exposed to the elements and keeps it nice and dry. A traditional polypropylene or polyethylene tarpaulin is waterproof and provides protection when placed over items near water. A quality roof tarp can help to protect workers beneath as well, ensuring that the UV exposure from the harsh Australian sun is limited. 


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Roof tarps are also typically used on many different construction sites, giving you adequate protection and preserving the safety of the building, so the work can still get done underneath. With many potential hazards on a construction site, the strong tear resistant properties of the roof tarp help to keep you protected for longer. 


What other roof cover materials are there?

Another popular choice for roof covers in Australia is canvas, which can offer a nice level of breathability. Similar to other roof tarps, the canvas is water-resistant, helping you to stay dry in those wet conditions. Unfortunately, one of the issues with using canvas is that it can be very heavy in weight which may not be suitable for use. Canvas can also be a costly option while being difficult to keep clean due to the nature of the material and need to be sewn together which allows for other potential issues. 

If you need something with a little more strength, the long-lasting industrial grade PVC tarp material will allow you to get many years of use out of it. Westarp offers a range of heavy-duty PVC tarps which are industrial graded up to 900gsm and UV protected. 


Once you’ve come to a decision on what you need the roof cover for, you’ll need to find high-quality roof tarpaulins to suit your needs. Westarp has been working to develop durable roof tarps for over 30 years now, helping provide ideal solutions to many West Australians. If you can’t find what you need from our roof tarps for sale at Westarp, we can custom make you a tarpaulin cover to perfectly match your desired dimensions. 


We also offer the option for reinforcing extras such as tarp eyelets or edging, giving you peace of mind that the tarp won’t fray over time. If you need a custom roof tarp for your next project, give us a call today on 08 6607 7888, or send through a request for a quote.