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Size Guide For Truck Tarps
We have been dealing with Westarp for some time now. They have proven to be a valued supplier of choice for our roll tarps and trailer canvas guards on our grain trailer range. Some of the reasons we chose Westarp includes their value for money and great customer service. Plus when we have undergone a short notice repair job we have been able to rely on Westarp to provide the occasional quick turnaround job so we could keep our customers moving.
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Size Guide For Truck Tarps

If you’re using your truck to carry bulk goods, you are legally required to properly cover the load you are carrying in your truck, so it’s essential that you get a high-quality truck tarp to keep your goods safe. Although you may know exactly the type of material that you want for your tarp, you may be unsure of the size that will work best for your truck. We’re here to provide some quick tips to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing truck tarps in Perth

As the top truck tarp manufacturer in Australia, Westarp has provided countless trucks with standard and custom-made tarps to match the dimensions of their vehicles and the cargo they carry. We’ll also give you the rundown on our electric tarp kit that can get your trucks set up perfectly to match the different needs of your truck.

What are truck tarps made of?

Truck tarp covers are usually made out of PVC, which can provide great mechanical strength thanks to its lightweight and strong characteristics. No matter what you’re carrying in the back of your truck, you’ll need a durable and rugged truck tarp to keep your goods safe and be resistant to any abrasion or chemical rotting that could occur over time. 

To make logistics a little easier, our truck roll tarps are usually provided in kit form so you won’t have to individually buy all of the components. 

Custom Tarp Sizes

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can use our online roll tarp quote system to get a free quote on the perfect tarp to fit your truck’s bin. From here you can check out online and make the whole process quick and simple. You can also add in more detailed requests such as whether you may require reinforcements in certain areas of your tarp, or if you require a roll tarp handle. We also let you choose your desired material colour, helping to match the tarp to your business. 

Make sure to take precise and careful measurements of your truck’s bin dimensions to ensure an accurate quote for your custom tarp. 

Electric Tarps 

Our electric truck tarp systems are made to fit almost any bin, providing a safe and durable option for your truck. The Aeroforce S2S kit is the perfect choice for drivers who are looking for a sleek truck tarp that can open and close over their bin with the simple push of a button. The arms on these electric tarp kits can easily be mounted on the front and rear of the trailer. 

Westarp Truck Tarps 

All truck tarps that we provide are designed to be there for many years to come, and we only use the industry’s top tarp materials and components. Our roll tarps are designed to withstand all weather conditions and keep your goods nicely secured and protected during transit. We understand that being off the road is wasting your time and money, so your quick turnaround times are designed at getting you back on the roads quickly with a new and durable truck tarp in place. 

Feel free to give us a call on 08 6607 7888 to discuss your truck tarp needs, and we can help find the ultimate high-quality solution for your business.